New KNF solenoid-driven FL 10 diaphragm liquid transfer pump features unique bi-directional flow tightness when switched off, preventing uncontrolled flow/back-flow without additional check valves – even with a reservoir located above the pump. With a flow rate of 0 – 100 mL/min, the FL 10 also features IP65 protection and a maintenance-free 10,000h+ lifetime (2 billion strokes).

A frequency-controlled drive (0-50 Hz) allows quick, linear flow rate adjustment for easy OEM integration. Flow rate calibration during KNF assembly ensures pump-to-pump repeatability. Priming time is also adjustable to correspond precisely to system requirements. An integrated resonance chamber results in smoother, gentler media transfer.

Constructed of chemically-resistant materials, FL 10 is ideal for handling solvents, acids, and alkaline solutions for automated cleaning and disinfection applications.