Microspec is a proven leader in extruding some of the smallest and most complex precision medical parts for the medical device industry worldwide. The company has exceptional expertise in extruding a variety of custom parts, including multi-lumen tubing, bump tubing, co-extrusions, tri-layer extrusions, micro-extrusions, balloon tubing, profile extrusions, fully encapsulated stripes, over-extrusions, intermittent tubing, and new concepts. Microspec extrudes most thermoplastic elastomers, including high heat polymers, thermoplastic fluoropolymers, engineering resins, and custom formulations. Through skillful processing, in-house tool design, and exceptional customer service, we partner with customers to increase the quality and functionality of the extruded part, keeping them informed throughout the process. Contact Microspec with your extrusion challenge. www.microspecorporation.com