Brushless DC motor, gearhead, and encoder from one single source.
With the ENX EASY, maxon motor’s NEW ENX EASY is a sterilizable encoder for use with maxon’s brushless DC motors. This opens up a range of new possibilities in medical technology.
This is the world's first steam sterilizable encoder ENX EASY. It is available in an incremental and absolute version, both designed for 1,000 autoclave cycles.
As of now, the ENX EASY can be combined with matching BLDC motors and planetary gearheads. The encoder can be integrated into the brushless drives ECX 13 and ECX 16 SPEED (up to 120,000 rpm and 104 W) without any increase in length. When the gearheads GPX 13 and GPX 16 SPEED are added to the combination, customers receive a fully sterilizable positioning system. The compact and robust design is ideal for power tools.