Superior 3D Solutions

Superior 3D Solutions is the ambassador for Markforged carbon fiber and metal 3-D printers in California. The company provides all sales, hardware, software, training, and customer service for the entire Markforged printer line. Markforged offers the strength of aluminum with its revolutionary carbon fiber 3-D printing.

CFW Precision Metal Components

CNC machining and waterjet cutting/fabrication are the core competencies that CFW PMC focuses on. The company has complete CAD/CAM capabilities, utilizing SolidWorks to create CNC programs. Capabilities include the production of high-quantity simple parts, detailed mechanical assemblies, and highly complex machined parts with three-dimensional contours.

Tattile Srl

Tattile Srl, based in Mairano (Italy), produces and sells machine vision systems for industrial automation, intelligent traffic systems, and public transportation sectors. The company's strength is its vocation for innovation, supported by its excellent R&D team: their expertise in hardware-software and integration allows Tattile to project vision systems up to date with the newest technologies.

Chromasens GmbH

Founded in 2004, Chromasens GmbH designs, develops, and produces innovative image capturing and processing systems to satisfy the most stringent of demands. The company's expertise lies in the development of both components and systems. The optical, electronic, and mechanical elements of high-performance cameras and illumination systems are perfectly adapted to suit the specific tasks faced by each individual customer.

Pyramid Mold & Tool

Pyramid Mold & Tool is a full-service mold builder that designs and manufactures world-class plastic injection molds. Using state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmen, the company consistently delivers quality tooling on time and at a competitive price. Visit Pyramid's Web site for more information.


KUKA Robotics Corp. along with KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, ranks among the world's leading suppliers of industrial robots and material-handling vehicles. Core competencies include the development, production, and sale of industrial robots, controllers, software, linear units, and omniMove™ omni-directional motion platforms. KUKA robots are utilized in a diverse range of applications.

Integrated Liner Technologies (ILT)

ILT's mission is to redefine existing liner technology through cutting-edge advances in manufacturing methods and material science. The company offers a complete line of products for the clinical diagnostic market compatible with glass and plastic tubes. ILT provides solutions for packaging engineers, including custom rubber molding, and rubber and plastic injection molding capabilities.

PallayPack Inc.

PallayPack Inc. is a leader with more than 15 years in packaging machinery, offering complete and custom lines for tablet, powder, and liquid applications. In addition to manufacturing machines, it is the North American office of key European companies offering tablet counters; vial, ampoule, and syringe fillers and monoblock systems; freeze dryers; cappers; shrink bundlers; and flexible packaging machines for stick packs, sachets, and doy-packs.

Dynamism Inc.

Dynamism Inc. is a leader in 3-D printing. Transform productivity with the company's expertise and the world's leading 3-D printing platforms, including Desktop Metal, Ultimaker, and Formlabs, as well as software, training, and service.


RMI Laser manufactures “marking systems” for multiple uses in a variety of medical applications on devices and equipment. The different types of markings include engraving, etching, foaming, and annealing. These techniques can be used on a variety of materials, including all metals, most plastics, and rubber. RMI Laser can also meet the requirements for autoclave, passivation, sterilization, and the new UDI initiatives adhering to GS1 standards.