Swiss Precision Machining Inc.

Swiss Precision Machining Inc. is a precision parts manufacturer maintaining tight tolerances on Swiss-style equipment. It runs CNC Swiss-style turning centers with two-axis to 11-axis capabilities and CNC vertical machining centers with five-axis capability. Other capabilities include knurling, thread-rolling, swaging, vibratory finishing, abrasive blasting, and assembly. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified.

Sequoia Consulting Group

Sequoia partners with life sciences organizations—from start-ups to big pharma—to provide best-in-class leadership, guidance, and expertise in an ongoing journey of growth through the life science life cycle, with sustained success and optimized efficiency.

DieQua Corp.

DieQua Corp. is a manufacturer and supplier of power transmission and motion control components specializing in precision and economy servo gearheads, right-angle gearboxes, speed reducers, screw jacks, shaft-connecting couplings, and complete custom designs. The company's mission has been to provide unique and cost-effective drive design solutions, using either individual components or integrated systems.

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute is a national membership-based consortium dedicated to advancing robotic innovations and education/workforce development to establish a robust national manufacturing ecosystem. It works toward this mission by creating funded project calls that seek to empower American workers and lower the technical, operational, and economic barriers so that enterprises of all sizes can adopt robotics.

Slice Mfg. Studios

Slice Mfg. Studios is a full-spectrum manufacturing facility with integrated science laboratories offering support to its customers from beginning to end (i.e., design, development, prototyping, mechanical testing, final production, sterile cleaning, and sterile packing). The company is also a pioneer in production metal 3-D printing, implementing the most advanced processes and highest standards in additive manufacturing.

BIX Connectors (Shanghai)

BIX is a high-quality connector manufacturer, offering circular push-pull connectors, metal and plastic housing, and disposable housing. The company has turning and injection molding in-house, strong design and engineering capabilities, and offers high efficiency and flexibility. Applications include medical electronics, testing and measurement devices, and military communication devices. Modifications and customer designs are welcome.

aspire® - Parker Hannifin

Designed for high-purity applications, aspire® microfiltration and venting solutions have been trusted by the medical industry for two decades. Made with polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), aspire® membranes, laminates, and die-cuts are used to filter, vent, and protect sensitive equipment. With decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, customers choose aspire® for its consistent airflow, retention, and chemical-resistant properties.

Gramatech, a Div. of IMPAK

Gramatech is a division of IMPAK Corporation, a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions for the aerospace, computer, electronic, medical, food and consumer product industries. IMPAK serves customers with the “complete package”: packaging, sealing equipment, and sorbents. Thousands of products are readily available on IMPAK's Web site, and the company offers services to produce items to customer specifications.


Clippard's complete line includes more than 5,000 standard flow control products. For medical, analytical, laboratory, diagnostic, and other related applications, the company manufactures precision components, including oxygen clean, analytical and proportional valves, PTFE isolation and pinch valves, precision regulators, manifolds, and more. Custom products and assemblies for specific applications are also welcomed. Made in the United States.