February 6-8, 2018Anaheim Convention CenterAnaheim, CA



For more than 30 years, the IGE-XAO Group has been a specialist in computer-aided design software dedicated to electrical engineering, systems, and industrial fluids. Present in all three sections of the market (craftsmen and very small companies, small and medium businesses, and large industrial groups), it offers complete and integrated solutions for the design, maintenance, calculation, and simulation of electrical installation projects.

New Journey Packaging Inc.

New Journey Packaging Inc. is a California-based packaging supplies company established by a group of U.S. and overseas industry veterans and packaging factories. The company specializes in manufacturing and sourcing custom bags, films, high-impact retail boxes/packaging, and a wide range of shipping supplies. New Journey's goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for its customers.

SIO2 Medical Products

SiO2 Medical Products, Inc. manufactures precision-molded containers composed of engineered polymers and incorporates a thin, transparent, silicon-based coating system composed of organosiloxane and silica nano-layers. This new and patented coating system provides the durability and dimensional consistency of plastics with the oxygen barrier properties, low extractables, and pH stability of silica glass (i.e., quartz).

Swanson Agile Assembly

Swanson Systems Inc.'s patented Agile Assembly technology provides a new paradigm for the design and build of automatic assembly machines in cooperative partnership with machine builders and end users. The company's unique modularity offers infinite opportunities to minimize design and build costs, shorten deliveries, and improve operating functionality and performance.

Micro Crystal AG

Micro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of miniature tuning fork quartz crystals (32kHz to 250MHz), real-time clocks, oscillators, and OCXOs for the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer products, healthcare applications, mobile phones, automobile electronics, watches, and industrial controls, as well as medical implantable devices and other high-reliability product applications.

Aquifi Inc.

Aquifi Inc.'s smart computer vision solutions automate highly repetitive, high-throughput manual tasks typically performed in the logistics and manufacturing sectors, using AI software agents driven by 3-D computer vision sensors. The company will demonstrate its upcoming mobile 3-D smart dimensioner/scanner, with integrated 3-D color depth sensor and novel algorithms for dimensioning, 1-D/2-D/3-D scanning, and more.

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