New low-temperature cure (LTC) liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) include Dow Corning® QP1-3340 LSR and Dow Corning® QP1-3350 LSR grades. These advanced elastomeric materials are designed for overmolding onto a rigid polymer substrate using two-component injection molding or insert molding. Also new, translucent Dow Corning® QP1-5040 Self-Adhesive LSR enables the primerless adhesion of silicone onto resin substrates like copolyester with a fast cure at low temperatures. Offering these breakthrough low-temperature cure properties, the new LSR materials make it feasible to use heat-sensitive substrates such as copolyesters and polyolefins for overmolding applications, giving medical device designers greater material options. At the same time, they optimize throughput with high flow and fast cure times. Learn more here.