Let David Schnur Associates be your One-Stop-Shop for stock
components to speed up your team’s design cycles. We offer an
assortment of components including Polyimide Tubing,
Balloons, Thermoplastic Extrusions, Reinforced Shafts, Nitinol
and SS Tubing and PTFE Liners. Most are available to ship
within 1-2 days of ordering. Our extensive offering of Heat
Shrink Tubing will meet almost any application. Stock Heat
Shrink is available in thin walled PET, Pebax, Polyolefin and
Nylon. For more details of our stock offerings, visit:
http://www.dschnur.com/stock-materials/ . Need something more
custom? No problem. In addition to our stock components we
have Quick-Turn programs for Laser Processing, Semi-Custom
Balloon Catheters, Thermoplastic Extrusions, Custom Drawn
Metallic Tubing and Nitinol Fabrication. Call your local DSA
representative to learn more or visit www.dschnur.com